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René Brooks

René Brooks

René  Brooks is a late-life ADHD success story. After being diagnosed 3 times  as a child (age 7, 11, and 25), she was finally able to get the  treatment she deserved. René decided that her passion for helping others  should be put toward people with this disorder who are struggling in  silence or shame. She started Black Girl, Lost Keys to empower black  women with ADHD and show them how to live well with the condition.

She has contributed to Kaleidoscope Society, ADHD Women’s Palooza, Mindfully ADD, and ADHD Essentials while also writing for Healthline and being a Patient Contributor for TEVA Pharmaceutical’s Life Effects.

Das Interview ist eines von 3 Geschenken von Linda Roggli aus ihrem  Kongress "ADHD Women's Palooza und nur im Kongresspaket zu sehen.

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